The skills essential for business success can be learnt and honed by running marathons. The article identifies some of the CEO marathoners and their marathon running efforts, apart from highlighting the reasons and benefits for running marathons as outlined by them. read more

I did it!! On Saturday I joined the fray, the great Indian madness and celebration of the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. This was a sporting event like none other I have ever even heard of. And trust me, I have tried a lot of sports and have been to a lot of meets, matches, games, and "heads" of various rivers. I have flipped, twisted, swam, cheered, run, thrown, rowed, and skiied competitively. read more

It’s unlikely that a humble potato farmer in gumboots would rise from obscurity to become a hero of an entire nation, but that’s exactly what Cliff Young did by winning one of the most gruelling marathons the world has known. And he accomplished this in the evening of his life, at the age of 61 when most of us would have trouble getting through a 1km light jog. This was in April 1983, Australia, the year that the Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon was first more

It’s natural to assume that to be a part of a marathon, you need to be able to run. After all, a marathon is for running, and to run one must have a functioning pair of legs. But 52-year-old Rick Hoyt has participated in 70 marathons, 247 triathlons and a total of 1077 racing events without taking a single step. And he’s been doing it for more than 30 years thanks to his dad, Dick Hoyt. Their story is a testament to a father’s love for his son and the steely determination of 2 men who beat the odds. read more

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Claire Lomas of Leicestershire, England, this was especially true: her journey began on April 22nd 2012 with just that, one single step. And it continued for the next 16 days in the streets and sounds of London, first through the pain of the demands she made on her body and then through cheers of the hundreds who lined the streets in her support. read more