Diet & Nutrition
Hungry for success? Find out what's on our marathon menu and tuck in!

Food plays an integral role in sports. A healthy diet will significantly influence your race-day performance.

Here's our guide to the best foods for runners.
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Expert Advice
There's always a last-minute worry, especially for Bengaluru newbies.

To help ease your anxiety, we have for you the best tips and tactics from experts for a successful marathon.

So, here you go!
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Join workshop
Do you want to be a consistent runner and further stay fit? Do you want to enjoy running at the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2016?

For a good start to a great finish, please join the marathon workshop.
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Training Tips
Congratulations on your decision to run for Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2016!

Here are some tips on how to maintain your focus and win the mental and physical battles throughout the marathon.
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